OOO Nizhnekamsk Solid Steel Cord Tyre Factory founded in 2009 is a unique modern production factory of SSC tyres with a design capacity of 1.2 million tyres per year. The range of products embraces more than 80 models of tyre sizes from 215 / 75R17.5 to 12.00R24.

SSC tyres are manufactured at the factory using a special formulation of rubber mixture compounds based on natural rubber and silica. All production processes, from the weighing of ingredients and rubber mixing to the steel cord rubberizing and the final tyre assembly, are fully automated and carried out on the high-precision equipment, which virtually eliminates any possibility of a human error. There is a comprehensive quality control system implemented at the factory, which consists of several stages, including visual inspection, X-ray control, and verification of power inhomogeneity and tyre geometry.

The KAMA solid steel cord tyres are a high-tech and high-quality product that is in particular demand from major freight forwarders. The unique composition of the rubber mixture based on natural rubber and the tyre metal frame provide for increasing the mileage to 700,000 km, taking into account the double retreading, as well as high durability and fuel economy.

The year 2015 witnessed launching of OOO KaMaRetred facility, which handles re-treading the SSC tyres for trucks and which is a joint venture between PJSC TATNEFT and Marangoni S.p.A. (Italy). The tyre re-treading facility completed the project of PJSC TATNEFT for the creation and development of a new truck tyre class of solid steel cord design and related services.